Susan Skjei, PI Practitioners Circle, Colorado
Provides consulting, facilitation, training and coaching in the areas of mindfulness, leadership, strategic planning using the Theory U framework and methodology. Email: susan@sanesystems.com



Kate Johnson, Teaching Apprentice, New York City
Works at the intersections of spiritual practice, social action, and creative expression. Email: hello@katejohnson.com



Mery Miquez, Teaching Apprentice, San Francisco
Her passion is to facilitate transformative learning experiences, where groups get in touch with their highest potential through accessing individual and collaborative creativity. Email: merymiguez@gmail.com


Adam Yukelson, Teaching Apprentice, Boston
Adam Yukelson is an Action Research Fellow at the Presencing Institute where he leads
the Adam Yukelson Presencing Institutedesign and delivery of U.Lab. Additionally, he helps deliver Presencing Institute Labs that aim to create more sustainable and inclusive economies. He has practiced and helped facilitate Social Presencing Theater since 2009. Email: adam.yukelson@gmail.com




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Eugenio Toland, PI Practitioners Circle, Bolivia
My interest is in creating spaces that promote the common good of a society by working with local communities and teams to provide leadership skills and system-thinking attitudes in service to the wider community. Email: etoland@maryknoll.org



Laura Pastorini, Uruguay
Laura works as a systemic therapist, organizational consultant, coach and trainer, for integrative personal, organizational and social transformation.
Email: constelacionesuruguay@gmail.com


unnamed-5Daniella Ferraz, Sao Paulo, Brazil
She works as an integral facilitator, designing transformative processes
that value and integrate participants’ and groups’ physical, affective,
and cognitive dimensions to co-create social innovation.
Email: daniela@movimentoverdadeiro.com.br





Julie Arts, PI Practitioners Circle, Belgium
Julie Arts is an economist, working internationally as a consultant, designing and hosting transition processes and organisational leadership programs, using Theory U. Email: arts@presencing.com


Daniel Ludevig, Germany
Daniel’s expertise lies in facilitating deep conversations for organizations and systems using a cutting-edge Daniel Ludevig MOVE picembodiment and creativity approach to address transformational change around culture, communication and strategy. His work is informed through his own facilitation consultancy as well as his training as a professional swing dancer. Email: info@moveleadership.com



Louise Jorgensen, Denmark
Louise works with a starting point in dance, bringing embodiment practices to the field of awareness based social change work.
Email: louister@gmail.com



Pierre Paris, France
I am a french consultant involved in dissemination of collective intelligence and participative governance through development projects, both in France and at international level.






Dieter Van den Broeck, PI Practitioners Circle, Cape Town
I am passionate about facilitating social change processes to build multi sectorial/stakeholder platforms and partnerships to create collective action to restore resilient landscapes.



Manish Srivastava, PI Practitioners Circle, Pune
Manish is a coach, facilitator and an artist. He has applied SPT in diverse contexts with business leaders, government ministers, grassroots women entrepreneurs etc., helping them unleash their highest potential as individuals and as a collective.




Joyce Rankin, Victoria, BC
My consulting practice has focused on health care, body work and social enterprise. In addition, I have been teaching Social Presencing Theatre after working with Arawana Hayashi for several years, participating in the Teacher Training Program in Social Presencing Theatre and teaching SPT at the Victoria Shambhala Centre.         Email: joycer39@gmail.com.